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FREE Fendi Falazzo Perfume Sample from David Jones

The spirit of Fendi

in a fragrance

Ever since it was founded in 1925,
FENDI has been the quintessential
Roman brand. Karl Lagerfeld, who
lends Fendi his infallible eye and
talents, says "Fendi is my vision of the
essence of Rome".

Inspired by the perfection of the FENDI
style, renowned perfumer Francois
Demachy, has created FENDI Palazzo.
Based on orange blossom, a traditional
Mediterranean flower, the FENDI
Palazzo fragrance is fiery and
feminine, flowery and woody, with a
unique signature.

FENDI Palazzo, with its air of luxury, is
more than a name; it's a statement.

The FENDI Palazzo Collection includes:

Eau de Parfum 30ml $85
Eau de Parfum 50ml $120
Eau de Parfum 90ml $175
Voluptuous Body Creme 200ml $100
Shimmering Creamy Body Milk 200ml $79
Precious Shower Gel 200ml $69

Be one of the first to experience FENDI Palazzo. Present this email at your nearest
David Jones counter to receive your complimentary 1ml FENDI Palazzo eau de
parfum sample.
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