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20% off Darrell Lea Sugar Free or Lite options

Special January Offer – 20% off Darrell Lea Sugar Free and Lite range of products

Our special New Year's gift to you! 20% off Darrell Lea Sugar Free or Lite options:

Liquorice Twists (black) -
Raspberry Liquorice Twists (red) - 8646
Strawberry Liquorice - 8650
Green Apple Liquorice -
Mango Liquorice - 8680
Blackcurrant liquorice - 8690

Milk Chocolate Sugar Free Almonds 90g -
Sugar Free Drops 50g - 6810
Sugar Free Chews 70g - 6820
Fruit Jubes 270g or 7464 Fruit Jubes 475g - 7461

To redeem present a print out of this e-newsletter at your nearest full range Darrell Lea outlet (click on 'Find a store' link at the top of this newsletter to find a full range Darrell Lea store near you).

Offer valid while stocks last or until 31st January 2008. No other discounts apply.